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Federal Agency Views on the Potential Application of "Brain Fingerprinting"


Report to the Honorable Charles E. Grassley, U.S. Senate


Federal Agency Views - "CIA, DOD, FBI, and Secret Service do not foresee using the Brain Fingerprinting technique for their  operations because of its limited application."

DOD's View - "Overall, DOD officials indicated that Brain Fingerprinting has limited applicability to DOD’s operations"

It is interesting to note that the CIA who funded the Brain Fingerprinting work abandoned it, and issued a detailed project report on why it is not used.

CIA's View - "From their experiences with the developer’s research between 1991 and 1993, CIA officials concluded that Brain Fingerprinting had limited applicability to CIA’s operations. Accordingly, CIA decided that it was not worth investing more funds to continue the developer’s research."

Secret Services View - "The Service subsequently concluded that the technique had limited application to Secret Service activities."

Signed Letter from John E, Collingwood, Assistant Director, Office of Public and Congressional Affairs, to Mr Paul Jones, Director Justice Issues, Washigton.

The letter states (as quoted) - " In conclusion, the report fairly reflects the FBI's belief that this technique has limited applicability and usefulness to FBI investigative and personnel security matters. The FBI continues to support the view that this technique has limited utility. We also think it is important to point out that the rest of the federal community shares the FBI's view the Dr. Farwell's "Brain Fingerprinting" has very limited applicability and usefulness."

Signed Letter from Jack L Johnson, Jr, Special Agent in Charge, to Mr Paul Jones, Director Justice Issues, Washington.

The letter states (as quoted) - " Dr Cantu has recently briefed me on this technology and the underlying scientific principals, which purportedly support its accuracy and validity. Following this briefing, and a review of the information related to this technique, I must concur completely with the opinion of Dr Cantu. The "Brain Fingerprinting Technique" has very little applicability to the overall Secret Service mission, and is a technology that has not been completely validated as of this time."